Jazz inspired by the music of New Orleans, the singing and dancing of the 1920's, the dixieland and trad revivals in America and the UK since then, and by the musicians we work with here and now from all over the world.

The Sunshine Kings brings it all together into a band that makes people of all ages dance, clap, tap toes, and go home with a smile. Great for dancing, great for listening, great for anyone wanting to have a good time.

The band’s repertoire is drawn largely from the small group jazz of the 20’s and 30’s with a few other interesting numbers from other eras thrown in to spice things up.

Run by Graham Hughes, a jazz musician with a name in his own right, The Sunshine Kings are very popular at jazz clubs around London and the South East, and have toured the length of England appearing at clubs and festivals. They also perform for parties, weddings, events, swing dances, tea dances, dinners...
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The Sunshine Kings top London jazz and swing band:
New Orleans, Dixieland, 20's, traditional and vintage style

“The Sunshine Kings gig at the Globe was one of the highlights of the week” – Bude Jazz Festival

"I had an absolutely brilliant time tonight at CJam. The Sunshine Kings band were fantastic. Haven't had a night 'that' good in ages. Wow!!!" - Chris Riddick, swing dancer
It is not unusual that we are asked to play for funerals, where a traditional New Orleans style band can bring a combination of respect and contemplation before the ceremony and also uplifting music afterwards as people remember the good times. If you are interested in a classic parade band then follow this link for information about The Sunset Brass Band, a partner to the Sunshine Kings.
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