You may have gathered that the Sunshine Kings band comes in a few shapes and sizes, according to the occasion. As the fixer of the band I have gathered a top class group of professional musicians who are all very versatile, know the repertoire and work together as a team.

If you have an idea and would like to involve the Sunshine Kings then do get in touch by telephone or email to discuss it. I can then give you some idea of costs for different options. Costs depend on where, when and how long you want to book us for and how large the band is.

If we are unable to help you I can often recommend someone else.

We are based in and around London and generally prefer to work in the South East of the UK.

You can call me (Graham Hughes) on 07947 741 070

or email me at
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Planning a wedding, 20's night, Mardi Gras event, jazz concert, swing dance, tea dance, party, celebration, riverboat trip...?

Swing dances, strolling trad bands, New Orleans party, vintage jazz events, dixieland, 20's night, parades, inside or out, acoustic or amplified... The Sunshine Kings will be there with a smile!

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